Regeneration Distilling Co Is Open!

You may be familiar with Clark County’s first Class B distillery, Regeneration Distilling Co. We are the same farmer distillers as Wildcat Willy’s, just under a new flag and brand to bring you a focused distillery tour and day time bar lounge experience.

Regeneration Distilling Co is a craft farm-to-bottle distillery, where we distill seasonal grains, tubers and fruits. These spirits are available “right off the still,” or are aged in local tobacco barns, then bottled for sale.


We are OPEN for TOURS! Join us anytime during regular business hours for a guided tour covering all aspects of distilling, grains, and craft cocktails. Our craft scale still, may it be small, is mighty. Come see it for yourself and see where we take climate smart grains and turn them into exclusive artisanal sprits from the bluegrass.



We are housed in one of the oldest buildings in Winchester that we revitalized and brought back to life. The building which houses Regeneration is an architectural puzzle. When viewed from the west side, it is a factory, and from the east side, it is a church.

Once inside, you’ll see several reflections of the building’s history, plus our new additions, and a poster detailing what can be gleaned from public records., and a poster detailing what can be gleaned from public records.

In 1833, the building was “the old Williams Factory,” in the business of carding wool from local sheep herds. We named our first single-barrel bourbon “1833” to commemorate beginnings.

Then, in 1870, the CME Church of Winchester acquired the property and installed church windows, chandeliers, and other fittings. It was a worship space for 56 years.

The building, consisting of a church and parsonage, was then sold to Ernest Jordan in 1926 and became the Jordan Battery and Electric Company until the 1980’s. During this time an addition was made creating the back room where our stills are now located.

Several decades ago, the property was purchased by the City and used for storage by Parks and Recreation.

By 2015 the building was in structural disrepair, condemned, and on the docket for demolition. Regeneration to the rescue! ​We founded the distillery in 2016, closed on the property in early 2017, and went to work. Almost three years later, we opened Regeneration Distilling Co, giving the Old Williams Factory its fifth life as Clark County’s only Class B Craft Distillery, Bar and Lounge.

1976 Buidling
Thank you to the Winchester Historical Society for providing this picture of 31 E Broadway from 1976!

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