Tours and Tastings

Regeneration Distilling Co, located in downtown Winchester, KY, offers a unique experience for those looking to learn more about the process of crafting artisanal spirits. Our craft distillery tour takes visitors behind the scenes to see our 100-gallon pot still in action and witness the creation of moonshine, bourbon, and rye whiskey.

rye barn

The tour begins with an introduction to the history and philosophy of Regeneration Distilling Co. Our commitment to sustainability and using locally-sourced ingredients from Mt. Folly Farm set us apart from other distilleries in the area. Visitors can learn about the company’s efforts sequester carbon in ag soils, which aligns with their commitment to regenerative agriculture.


Next, visitors are taken to the heart of the distillery where they can see the 100-gallon pot still in action. The copper still, which is a similar style that one could find in any mountain or holler in Kentucky, was custom-made to fit Regeneration Distilling Co’s specific needs. Guests can observe the distillation process up close, and learn about the various stages that go into producing high-quality craft spirits.


During the tour, visitors will also learn about the different types of grains and other ingredients used in the production of spirits. They will see how the grains are milled and mashed, and how yeast is added to the mixture to begin the fermentation process. Visitors will also learn about the importance of temperature and humidity control during the fermentation process to ensure consistent quality in the final product.


After the distillation process, visitors can sample some of Regeneration Distilling Co’s award-winning spirits. Tastings are conducted in a separate room that is designed to enhance the sensory experience. The room is decorated with artwork and vintage pieces that complement the company’s commitment to sustainability and reuse.

The craft distillery tour at Regeneration Distilling Co is a unique experience that offers visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of artisanal spirits. It’s an opportunity to learn about the distillation process, the importance of using locally-sourced ingredients, and the company’s commitment to sustainability. Visitors will leave with a deeper appreciation for the craft of distilling and a greater understanding of the care and attention that goes into each bottle of Regeneration Distilling Co’s spirits.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an authentic and educational experience, the craft distillery tour at Regeneration Distilling Co is a must-visit. From the custom-made 100-gallon pot still to the tasting room that showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability and reuse, the tour is an immersive and enlightening experience for anyone interested in the craft of distilling. So, head over to Winchester, KY, and take your tour today!


Tours are available on a first come, first serve basis during normal business hours. If you would like to schedule a tour or have questions, you can email us at or call us at 859.355.5000.