Regeneration Distilling Co

We are housed in one of the oldest buildings in Winchester that we revitalized and brought back to life. The building which houses Regeneration is an architectural puzzle. When viewed from the west side, it is a factory, and from the east side, it is a church.

By 2015 the building was in structural disrepair, condemned, and on the docket for demolition. Regeneration to the rescue! ​We founded the distillery in 2016, closed on the property in early 2017, and went to work. Almost three years later, we opened Regeneration Distilling Co, giving the Old Williams Factory its fifth life as Clark County’s only Class B Craft Distillery, Bar and Lounge.



Regeneration Distilling’s
 Sweet Potato Moonshine

Regen sweet potato 750ml on table

The sweet potato is a handy plant and sort of a miracle. You can bake it, boil it, fry it, and distill it! We grow the sweet potatoes organically at Mt. Folly Farm and dig them up in the fall. It’s a bountiful harvest and creates this soft moonshine with a subtle hint of sweetness. Sweet potatoes are tough and they prefer tropical weather, but we grew them in the dog days of summer here on our Kentucky farm. With the odds against us, we harvested 3 to 5 pound roots from the Earth. These sweet potatoes remind us that even when things aren’t perfect, we can thrive wherever we’re planted!

We hope you enjoy our beloved
underdog: the miraculous Sweet Potato Moonshine!

Regeneration Distilling’s
 Apple Pie Moonshine

Regen apple pie

Regeneration Distilling Co’s apple pie moonshine is a delicious and unique twist on traditional moonshine. Made from a base of sweet potato moonshine, this spirit is infused with apples, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and apple pie seasoning to create a smooth and flavorful drink. The use of warm spices gives this moonshine a comforting and nostalgic taste that is perfect for sipping on a cool autumn evening. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed in a cocktail, Regeneration Distilling Co’s apple pie moonshine is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the best of Kentucky’s artisanal spirits.

Regeneration Distilling’s
 Boone’s Settlement Rye Whiskey

Regeneration Distilling Co’s newest Rye Whiskey, Boone’s Settlement, is a unique and exciting addition to their lineup of craft spirits. This 2-year-old rye whiskey is sweet and spicy, with a rich depth of flavor that is sure to please any whiskey lover. What sets Boone’s Settlement apart, however, is the fact that it is aged in a Kentucky tobacco barn at Mt. Folly Farm. This aging process imparts a subtle smokiness and complexity to the whiskey that is impossible to replicate in a traditional aging warehouse. Boone’s Settlement is a true celebration of Kentucky’s rich agricultural heritage and a must-try for anyone looking for a truly unique whiskey experience.

Regeneration Distilling’s Fire in the Hole Cinnamon Whiskey

Regen fire in the hole on table

Regeneration’s Fire in the Hole is a cinnamon flavored whiskey made from our Boone’s Settlement Wheated Rye Whiskey. Fire in the Hole cinnamon flavored whiskey is a unique and bold spirit infused with the warm and spicy essence of cinnamon. It exhibits a rich amber color and a robust aroma, combining the distinct notes of whiskey with the fiery and aromatic character of cinnamon. The flavor profile offers a delightful balance of smooth whiskey undertones with a pronounced and lingering cinnamon warmth, providing a satisfying and memorable sipping experience.

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